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Richard James | Spring Summer 2013 | Lookbook

Spring Summer 2013

Spring Summer 2013

‘Roll up for all the fun of the fete.’

Our Spring/Summer ’13 collection is inspired by a cherished British institution that sees the city come alive with glorious colour and celebration.The urban fete brings all the fun and games of the seaside and the country fair to town in a riot of expression and celebration. This is a moment when the whole community comes together in revelry to commemorate English heritage and all of its quirkiness and eccentricities.Bunting, balloons, streamers, flags and fairy lights provide a vivid, kaleidoscopic spectrum of colour. Street parties continue into the night. The prevailing mood is of indulgence, fun and generosity.This vibrant scene is set against and anchored by the stark, imposing architecture of the city – all steel and slate greys and the sharp, glinting greens and blues of glass – and its looming skyline.This is a lifting, celebratory collection that features bold primary colours and enlightening floral prints. Greens and oranges feature strongly as accent colours and are offset by clean, neutral greys, blues and browns.Oversize Prince of Wales checks give a touch of playfulness to tailoring. Brilliant, thick candy stripes run though socks and shirts. Scarves and ties add another brush stroke of luxury and colour.Linen, with its light, crisp, quintessentially British qualities is a key fabric and runs through the collection from tailoring to casual wear and shirts to knitwear. Exquisite cottons and silks are also prominent. Brogues and desert boots come in neutral, unlined suede and are beautifully pliant.Roll up for all the fun of the fete.