A Punk Poet

Some not-so-new new tunes on the new turntable in Richard James Bespoke.

Our resident music maestro Kevin – yes, he of Medley’s Melodies and the man who puts the soundtracks together for our runway shows and collection presentations – has gone back to the ’70s and discovered the proto punk poet Patrik Fitzgerald, who, we are pleased to discover, is still performing.

A supplier of ours actually produced a fanzine called Anonymous Society at the time Fitzgerald first emerged and was sent a couple of these 7″ records by his label Small Wonder to review. And having spied our new turntable, he brought them in so we could give them a spin. Playing, top, is Trendy from the Backstreet Boys EP of 1978.

Look and listen out for more rare and esoteric vinyl at the Bespoke store soon.

Richard James Bespoke turntable

Richard James Bespoke turntable

Richard James Bespoke music



Beloved By Royalty

W magazine has been busy getting to the bottom of why Richard James is beloved by royalty, from Diddy to Prince William.

To illustrate his pull, Richard reposes (top) with Richard James-clad actors Tom Bateman, Tom Ellis and Ben Robson while (middle) Bateman and Toby Huntington-Whitely model prototypes of the Swarovski crystal-encrusted evening jackets we made for Elton John and (bottom) Huntington-Whitely is moved by a SS16 My Green Trauma shirt.

Pictures by Walter Pfeiffer.

Richard James W magazine

Richard James W magazine

W magazine Richard James


New Chair Style

An original, very clean-lined Ernest Race BA3 dining chair in the changing room of the new, multi-storey and multi-faceted Richard James Bespoke store, which opens on Clifford Street on Monday.

The chair has been re-upholstered, chameleon-like, in the same slate grey herringbone wool that you can see on the the walls.

The new Richard James Bespoke store will be unveiled in its entirety on Monday.

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailor




Question Time

Somi Arian interviews our Head Cutter Ben Clarke in the Bespoke store for a film she is making for the Savile Row Bespoke Association about the craft of bespoke tailoring.

Somi’s considered, polished probing and calm demeanour are somewhat in contrast to her not-so-long-ago performances as the vocalist in the lively heavy metal band Mortad (bottom, right).

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailoring


Somi Arian at Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailor


Change Ahead

A fine and altogether suitable slate grey 16oz English-woven herringbone wool covers the walls of the first floor changing room in the new, soon-to-be-unveiled multi-storey Richard James Bespoke store on Clifford Street.

Another super job by our lighting, interiors and all-round display whizz Philip Oakley of, yes, that’s right, Philip Oakley Illuminations.

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailor

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailor

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailor


The Eyes Of My Father

The hot and happening new dance director of the Paris Opera Ballet hits the creative buffers, but gets himself back on track after he is paid a visit by his dearly departed dad.

Anissa Bonnefont‘s beautifully shot The Eyes Of My Father was commissioned by the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Arts Foundation to showcase, they say, the international language of British fashion.

Men’s wardrobe by Richard James.


Small Change

The smallest things can present the biggest challenges.

Indeed, of the five identical bespoke wedding suits we were recently asked to make for a groom and his children, aged between ten and seventeen, it was the smallest child’s suit that proved by far to be the largest task.

Pictured here (right) are said suits, which were cut from the same lightweight grey wool ‘fresco’ cloth, which is spot on for a summer wedding.

Cutting a bespoke suit for a child has been a new experience for our Head Cutter, Ben Clarke. Using a smaller length of cloth makes it harder to cut the pattern, because everything from the size of the pockets to the armholes is smaller and the proportions of a suit change when it is scaled down.

Children’s shoulder blades also protrude a little more than adults’, which also makes creating an accurate pattern tricky. “All the rules go out of the window,” says Ben. “And you have to change your system”.

Richard James Bespoke suit

Richard James Bespoke


Light Show

Someone familiar to watch over us all in the Bespoke store, the all-new, very smart multi-storey version of which will be opening in early September.

This super neon portrait of Richard was made by our friend Philip – yes, he of Philip Oakley Illuminations – with the help of the artist Danny Mooney.

Says Philip, philosophically: “Sometimes, people who aren’t that familiar with the company ask if there is such a person as Richard James, which of course there is, and I thought this was a fitting thing to do to mark the 25th anniversary of the business and my association with Richard.

“I asked Danny to do the sketch based on my favourite photograph of Richard, because he is so skilled in capturing things with the absolute minimal amount of detail, which is essential when you’re working with neon.

“In fact, Danny didn’t include a nose or mouth and although we later tried them it turned out better with just the trademark specs.

“I always associate Richard with colour and it was this above all that catapulted Richard James into Savile Row 25 years ago. So we used some strong colours and gave our Richard red glasses, a yellow shirt, a bright green tie and a classic strong blue suit, which Richard James is very well known for.

“I think the portrait sums up Richard and Richard James. Above all, Richard likes it so I’m happy.”

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailor

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailor

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailor

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailor


Sarpe Shooting

Behind the scenes with super snapper Ani Sarpe.

We are presenting our SS18 Atlantic collection at London Fashion Week Men’s today at 2.30pm UK time.

Watch it live on Instagram and sign up to receive more information about the collection and all things Richard James here.

Richard James SS18 Atlantic


Suits You, Sir

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, wears his own Richard James suit in the super, new, out-now July issue of British GQ.

His Royal Highness, along with their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are spearheading the Heads Together campaign to end stigma around mental health.

Prince William in a Richard James suit in GQ

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