How to wear… Shorts

A few thoughts on the knotty subject of shorts (and we have a nice few pairs on sale in the Savile Row store, but just the one style left online) and how you might wear them this summer:

1. Think cut and length (see top and middle right). As a general pointer, wear your shorts between an inch and three above the knee and give yourself a little room to breathe in the leg, but not so much that you flap. Shorts are designed to be comfortable, but not to harness the wind. As with a suit or a pair of trousers (and shorts are just short trousers), think silhouette.

2. Desist from overfilling your pockets (see bottom right). This is a common yet understandable error as one often pairs shorts with polos and tees and the like, which tend not to have too many pockets.

3. Don’t be afraid of colour. Worn casually, shorts allow you to be much bolder than a pair of trousers. After all, there is rather less of them to see than a pair of trousers.

4. But do be wary of colour if you’re going for a more formal jacketed look. In these situations it does to treat your shorts as you would a pair of formal trousers by working around them and using them to set off colour. Navy, dark grey and olive will do you here.

5. Bear in mind that socks might work better with formally worn shorts.

6. Remember that your now exposed legs are going to be noticed more than your shorts, but have the confidence to resist shaving and waxing. A little bronzer is allowed.

Richard James bespoke Savile Row tailor shorts

Shorts… Wear them between an inch and three above the knee, not too short or too tight and don’t overfill your pockets.