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Wedding Suits

Whether you're the groom or a guest, Richard James will ensure you look the part and play it to perfection.

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Ivory Cotton Stretch SuitIvory Cotton Stretch Suit
Ivory Cotton Stretch Suit Sale price¥265,100
Dust Pink Sharkskin SuitDust Pink Sharkskin Suit
Dust Pink Sharkskin Suit Sale price¥313,700
Pomelo Washed Linen Blend SuitPomelo Washed Linen Blend Suit
Pomelo Washed Linen Blend Suit Sale price¥350,200
Wool and Silk Seersucker SuitWool and Silk Seersucker Suit
Wool and Silk Seersucker Suit Sale price¥350,200
Palm Double Breasted Linen SuitPalm Double Breasted Linen Suit
Denim Washed Linen Blend SuitDenim Washed Linen Blend Suit
Denim Washed Linen Blend Suit Sale price¥350,200
Tobacco Cotton Stretch SuitTobacco Cotton Stretch Suit
Tobacco Cotton Stretch Suit Sale price¥301,600
Navy Double Breasted Linen SuitNavy Double Breasted Linen Suit
Papaya Summer Fresco Double Breasted SuitPapaya Summer Fresco Double Breasted Suit
Tan Cotton Stretch SuitTan Cotton Stretch Suit
Tan Cotton Stretch Suit Sale price¥265,100
Sandalwood Fine Twill SuitSandalwood Fine Twill Suit
Sandalwood Fine Twill Suit Sale price¥350,200
Coral Double Breasted Cotton Stretch SuitCoral Double Breasted Cotton Stretch Suit
Blue Sharkskin SuitBlue Sharkskin Suit
Blue Sharkskin Suit Sale price¥313,700
Blush Needlecord SuitBlush Needlecord Suit
Blush Needlecord Suit Sale price¥301,600
Dove Subtle Check SuitDove Subtle Check Suit
Dove Subtle Check Suit Sale price¥313,700
Gold Silk and Wool SuitGold Silk and Wool Suit
Gold Silk and Wool Suit Sale price¥350,200
Navy Seersucker SuitNavy Seersucker Suit
Navy Seersucker Suit Sale price¥313,700
Navy Needlecord SuitNavy Needlecord Suit
Navy Needlecord Suit Sale price¥301,600
Denim Needlecord SuitDenim Needlecord Suit
Denim Needlecord Suit Sale price¥301,600
Airforce Prince of Wales SuitAirforce Prince of Wales Suit
Airforce Prince of Wales Suit Sale price¥350,200
Smoke Sharkskin SuitSmoke Sharkskin Suit
Smoke Sharkskin Suit Sale price¥313,700
Airforce Sharkskin SuitAirforce Sharkskin Suit
Airforce Sharkskin Suit Sale price¥313,700
Black Shawl Collar Evening SuitBlack Shawl Collar Evening Suit
Black Peak Lapel Evening SuitBlack Peak Lapel Evening Suit
Black Peak Lapel Evening Suit Sale price¥304,000
Ivory Shawl Lapel Evening SuitIvory Shawl Lapel Evening Suit
Ivory Shawl Lapel Evening Suit Sale price¥304,000
Ivory Peak Lapel Evening SuitIvory Peak Lapel Evening Suit
Ivory Peak Lapel Evening Suit Sale price¥304,000
Navy Twill SuitNavy Twill Suit
Navy Twill Suit Sale price¥279,700
Black Twill SuitBlack Twill Suit
Black Twill Suit Sale price¥279,700
Charcoal Twill SuitCharcoal Twill Suit
Charcoal Twill Suit Sale price¥279,700
Dark Blue Sharkskin SuitDark Blue Sharkskin Suit
Dark Blue Sharkskin Suit Sale price¥279,700
Grey Sharkskin SuitGrey Sharkskin Suit
Grey Sharkskin Suit Sale price¥279,700
Navy Plainweave SuitNavy Plainweave Suit
Navy Plainweave Suit Sale price¥279,700
Strong Blue Wool and Mohair SuitStrong Blue Wool and Mohair Suit
Navy Two-Button Linen SuitNavy Two-Button Linen Suit
Navy Two-Button Linen Suit Sale price¥313,700
Chalk Double Breasted Linen SuitChalk Double Breasted Linen Suit