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Wedding Suits

Whether you're the groom or a guest, Richard James will ensure you look the part and play it to perfection.

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Ivory Cotton Twill SuitIvory Cotton Twill Suit
Ivory Cotton Twill Suit Sale price£1,090.00
Dust Pink Sharkskin SuitDust Pink Sharkskin Suit
Dust Pink Sharkskin Suit Sale price£1,290.00
Pomelo Washed Linen Blend SuitPomelo Washed Linen Blend Suit
Pomelo Washed Linen Blend Suit Sale price£1,440.00
Wool and Silk Seersucker SuitWool and Silk Seersucker Suit
Wool and Silk Seersucker Suit Sale price£1,440.00
Palm Double Breasted Linen SuitPalm Double Breasted Linen Suit
Palm Double Breasted Linen Suit Sale price£1,290.00
Denim Washed Linen Blend SuitDenim Washed Linen Blend Suit
Denim Washed Linen Blend Suit Sale price£1,440.00
Tobacco Cotton Twill SuitTobacco Cotton Twill Suit
Tobacco Cotton Twill Suit Sale price£1,240.00
Navy Double Breasted Linen SuitNavy Double Breasted Linen Suit
Navy Double Breasted Linen Suit Sale price£1,290.00
Papaya Summer Fresco Double Breasted SuitPapaya Summer Fresco Double Breasted Suit
Tan Cotton Twill SuitTan Cotton Twill Suit
Tan Cotton Twill Suit Sale price£1,090.00
Sandalwood Fine Twill SuitSandalwood Fine Twill Suit
Sandalwood Fine Twill Suit Sale price£1,440.00
Coral Double Breasted Cotton Twill SuitCoral Double Breasted Cotton Twill Suit
Blue Sharkskin SuitBlue Sharkskin Suit
Blue Sharkskin Suit Sale price£1,290.00
Blush Needlecord SuitBlush Needlecord Suit
Blush Needlecord Suit Sale price£1,240.00
Dove Subtle Check SuitDove Subtle Check Suit
Dove Subtle Check Suit Sale price£1,290.00
Gold Silk and Wool SuitGold Silk and Wool Suit
Gold Silk and Wool Suit Sale price£1,440.00
Navy Seersucker SuitNavy Seersucker Suit
Navy Seersucker Suit Sale price£1,290.00
Navy Needlecord SuitNavy Needlecord Suit
Navy Needlecord Suit Sale price£1,240.00
Denim Needlecord SuitDenim Needlecord Suit
Denim Needlecord Suit Sale price£1,240.00
Airforce Prince of Wales SuitAirforce Prince of Wales Suit
Airforce Prince of Wales Suit Sale price£1,440.00
Smoke Sharkskin SuitSmoke Sharkskin Suit
Smoke Sharkskin Suit Sale price£1,290.00
Airforce Sharkskin SuitAirforce Sharkskin Suit
Airforce Sharkskin Suit Sale price£1,290.00
Black Shawl Collar Evening SuitBlack Shawl Collar Evening Suit
Black Shawl Collar Evening Suit Sale price£1,250.00
Black Peak Lapel Evening SuitBlack Peak Lapel Evening Suit
Black Peak Lapel Evening Suit Sale price£1,250.00
Ivory Shawl Lapel Evening SuitIvory Shawl Lapel Evening Suit
Ivory Shawl Lapel Evening Suit Sale price£1,250.00
Ivory Peak Lapel Evening SuitIvory Peak Lapel Evening Suit
Ivory Peak Lapel Evening Suit Sale price£1,250.00
Navy Twill SuitNavy Twill Suit
Navy Twill Suit Sale price£1,150.00
Black Twill SuitBlack Twill Suit
Black Twill Suit Sale price£1,150.00
Charcoal Twill SuitCharcoal Twill Suit
Charcoal Twill Suit Sale price£1,150.00
Dark Blue Sharkskin SuitDark Blue Sharkskin Suit
Dark Blue Sharkskin Suit Sale price£1,150.00
Grey Sharkskin SuitGrey Sharkskin Suit
Grey Sharkskin Suit Sale price£1,150.00
Navy Plainweave SuitNavy Plainweave Suit
Navy Plainweave Suit Sale price£1,150.00
Strong Blue Wool and Mohair SuitStrong Blue Wool and Mohair Suit
Navy Two-Button Linen SuitNavy Two-Button Linen Suit
Navy Two-Button Linen Suit Sale price£1,290.00
Chalk Double Breasted Linen SuitChalk Double Breasted Linen Suit