25 Pieces - 03 The Camouflage Suit

Richard James


The third of the twenty-five pieces that have set Richard James apart. Taken from the new, in-store and online now, Richard James book.

The first one was made in 1996 for a gentleman who loved going to the opera but hated wearing suits. He wanted to make a point and thought Richard James would understand exactly how best to do it… The original woodland colourway British military-issue DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) came from a surplus store in Soho. And the suit was cut, naturally, in-house on Savile Row. Something of a hit, similar suits were subsequently worn by Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman on the cover of the February 1998 issue of the late George magazine (pictured) and Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox on the Eurythmics world tour of 1999. And camo went on to become a Richard James favourite, featuring on many pieces, from silk evening jackets to standout, somewhat more conspicuous than covert, accessories.

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