25 Pieces 06 - The Jeans

The sixth of the twenty-five pieces that have set Richard James apart. Taken from the in-store and online-now Richard James book

In keeping with sourcing the cloth for its tailoring from the inimitable mills of Yorkshire in the north of England and Biella in the north of Italy, Richard James turned to Okayama in the south of Japan (aka The Holy Land of Jeans - a place where they even serve denim coloured blueberry ice cream...) for the best raw, shuttle loom-woven, rope-dyed selvedge denim to make the first jeans on Savile Row. Cut with a tailor’s eye and made in England, Richard James’s jeans are now a little slimmer than the first pairs from 1996. But the quality and clean, uncluttered lines remain exactly the same: just the best denim, machine stitched by craftsmen and simply finished with copper rivets and nickel buttons.

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