Aera In-Store on Savile Row

We have a house guest. Our friend Jas Minhas, the co-founder of Aera, is at the Savile Row store until Friday.

Aera makes precision crafted tool watches that have recently caught the eye of Hodinkee, Vanity Fair and Esquire. Each piece - there's the D-1 Diver and the P-1 Pilot - equally encompasses function and form: a purposeful, time-tested Swiss-made movement and a carefully considered contemporary design. The approach isn't altogether different from our own, which is one reason why we think Aera's watches are a great fit at the Savile Row store. 

Jas will be with us from 10am until 2pm tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd) and on Thursday, and from 10am until 12pm on Friday. The P-1 Pilot and D-1 Diver will be on display, along with all seven available straps. Please note that sales are online only through, so this is a zero-pressure opportunity to try the watches and ask Jas anything you'd like to about how they came to be. And if you can't make it to meet Jas this week, the watches will be in-store until the end of the year. 

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