Arriving Now... The Harder They Come

Our new, AW21 The Harder They Come collection is arriving at the Savile Row and Park Avenue stores now, and will be online very soon...

And here, below, is the accompanying theme, the traditionally overwritten words that explain the thinking and inspiration behind it.

“Who were we? A mixed-up bunch of wild kids experimenting with our creativity, and fearless in that endeavour.” Buffalo photographer Jamie Morgan.

Our AW21 collection bowls back to mid-‘80s west London and the birth of Buffalo, that seriously strutting street-smart collective whose bold, gender-juxtaposing club-culture look crashed the catwalk and went on to define the decade, leaving an indelible, multicultural and multiracial mark on British fashion.

Buffalo’s creator-in-chief was Ray Petri, a worldly jackdaw of invention for whom the sobriquet stylist was invented. An acutely cool clique of in-house photographers captured the scene and the models came straight from the street, with real punch personified by the strappingly sculpted form of The Face magazine’s Buffalo cover-boy Clinton McKenzie, the teak-tough Jamaican-born light welterweight boxing champion.

This is a bold, free-flowing collection that mirrors the ground-breaking, genre-jigging mien of the Buffalo movement. Pure wool and wool blends give warmth and a real softness of touch to wider lapelled, soft shouldered and patch-pocketed tailoring. Unstructured performance jersey Spirit jackets sit alongside matching jogging pants. Equally easy-wearing bombers and drawstring-hemmed overshirts come in recycled wool and cashmere. Outerwear sees a hooded, interlocking technical coat with a waxed cotton outer and a smartly detachable, thermal and waterproof, memory-nylon inner.

Deep, grounding base colours of terracotta, flame, aubergine, dark military olive and midnight blue are fractured by fleeting, complimentarily clashing accents of Algerian orange, magenta, lichen, sea blue, petrol, oyster mushroom and marshmallow pink.

Contemporary purpose and a neat element of order is added by a softly geometric, almost tartanesque print running through shirts, scarves and pocket squares.

Come and join us as we lose ourselves in a landmark British movement that has left an influence on the way we look like no other.

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