Bench Mark

Come take the weight off. Here, in all its innovative glory, is our Cosmo-customized bench, which can be found outside the Savile Row store.

When he's not painting benches or at work in the Savile Row store, Cosmo (below, on the bench) can be found at his Forest Hill studio where he works, in his words, on his "playful, colourful paintings". 

After stripping the bench (which we found on eBay) down and adorning it with oil paint stencils, Cosmo applied a water-proof crystal resin finish of the type used on boats, which accounts for the rippled finish. All in all, it was a couple of weeks in the making. 

The idea was to create somewhere special for passers by and friends and customers alike to sit, ponder and watch Savile Row life pass by. We hope you will come and try it.


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