Flower Power

Richard James


Visitors to Richard James Bespoke will, we think, only agree that the air of calm reflection that customarily pervades the place has been further enhanced by the fine pieces of work by Sebastiaan Bremer that are on show. 



Bremer, born in The Netherlands in 1970 and largely self-taught, is interested in the idea of memory and how it is processed with time, of how we reshape and rethink the past, and this is something that is central to his new series of re-worked lithographic flower prints that we are currently showing.




The prints come from a 1948 book called Bloemen (Flowers), which consists of colour images of celebrated blooms from Holland and was presented to the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina on its publication. Bremen has meticulously applied paint and ink to them, so adding new dimensions and shifting the viewer’s perception. They're the same flower prints alright, but not quite as Queen Wilhelmina would remember them.



You can find out more from Hales Gallery, which has kindly lent us the pictures. 




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