Meanwhile, In Mayfair...

Richard James

Something strange is in the making on the floor below.
Three-Michelin-starred Spanish chef David Muñoz has set up shop with Street XO – a London outpost of his curious ‘punk rock meets fine dining’ Madrid restaurant of the same name – directly under our Savile Row flagship store.
Adventurous Asian-Iberian fused sharing plates aside, there are cocktails, and one cocktail in particular: the Liquid Madriz’s Diver XO, the restaurant’s best-selling signature concoction which comes in a gargantuan globe of a glass that might previously have seen a goldfish or a china cat and mouse.
Containing jasmine, coconut shrub, lime, ginger, violet candy nectar and a decent amount of gin, the Liquid Madriz is, like Street XO, an all-round interesting experience as well as surely being London’s largest libation.

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