Meanwhile, In Mayfair...

Richard James

David Bowie painted a bit himself, but Beautiful, hallo, space-boy painting (right), the spin painting he produced with Damien Hirst, was his only work (or co-work) to go on sale on the first day of Sotheby’s Bowie/Collector auction of the late star’s art collection just around the corner from us on Bond Street yesterday.
The piece (which sold for £785,000; rather more than its estimate of £350,000) came to be in 1995 when Bowie visited Hirst’s studio in Brixton, which, of course, was his place of birth.
Hirst recalled after the event: “David was like a child, childish and childlike, when he came to see me in the studio and we made a giant spin painting together. You have to live in the moment and give up all your preconceptions and just have fun and let the universe do it’s thing, and he was brilliant fun to spin with. I remember telling him to come to the studio in old clothes but he turned up in brand new expensive clothes. He said he didn’t have any old clothes, but didn’t mind getting paint on the new shit he was wearing. I loved that!”

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