Our new SS23 Miami '83 (that is the working title) collection is arriving in-store and online now. We hope the weather to wear the more sun-oriented elements of it will also be arriving soon. 

Below, to fill you in fully, are the collection's notes, the traditionally overwrought blurb that explains the thinking and inspiration behind it, and fabrication of it. 

SS23 collection

Our SS23 Miami ‘83 collection pops the peak of its flamingo-pink sun visor and sea-skims back to a perfect pastel-tinted panoply of eye-popping creativity and maximum mayhem in the cocksure company of a collective of dernier cri creatives and narco dealing ne’er-do-wells.

1983 was the year that saw Miami’s reputation as the city of all-encompassing stimulation peak as Miami Vice went into pre-production, the so-called Cocaine Cowboys were immortalized with the release of Brian de Palma’s Scarface, South Beach rediscovered its art deco splendour, and the coruscatingly colourful Surrounded Islands installation, a forerunning art/fashion collab that was perceived to put the colour pink on the map, was created by the environmentally-minded artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, and ‘80s apparel pioneer Willi Smith.

SS23 collection

This is a vibrant, very cool-wearing collection that captures Miami at its meridian moment.

Base colours of mint, dust pink, fawn and celeste blue are pierced by graduated accents of palm green, neon pink, aqua and caramel.

Tailoring features single and double-breasted suits and jackets in markedly light cloths, with linen hopsack weaves imparting real crispness, seersucker blends another level of texture, and pastel wool gabardines colour and panache.

The breezy feel carries through to linen, seersucker and chambray shirts, a number of them emboldened by big stripes.

Polka and geometrical deco prints add dizzying of-the-period punch.

SS23 collection