It's coming. It really is... The recent situation (you know what...) has impacted on our production somewhat, but our new, AW20 Stargroves collection is arriving in-store and online very soon.

Here, courtesy of photographer Ani Sarpe, is a sneak behind-the-scenes peek at what's to come. And below is the collection's theme, the traditionally overwrought description of what the collection is all about and where and from whom the inspiration for it came from.

“Everyone looking up at the stars, touching… Arms around… Sex… Life as it should be lived.” The British aesthete Christopher Gibbs remembers time spent at Stargroves.

Our AW20 collection swaggers back to Stargroves, the crumbling 16th century Gothic manor house that Mick Jagger supposedly snapped up while under the licentious influence of LSD in 1971.

The dissolute ‘70s was the age of the arriviste aristocracy, the rackety rabble of moneyed rock stars that decamped to magnificent mansions in the English countryside and a gadfly life of pseudo-gentrified shenanigans.

Stargroves was at the centre of this modish intemperance, with the likes of The Who, Led Zeppelin and the Stones themselves recording there, Marianne Faithful overseeing the decoration and ill-fated installation of a medieval maze and the baronet and former pageboy to the Queen Sir Mark Palmer and his druidically-robed acolytes camping out in caravans on the lawn.

This is a beautifully wearable, richly textured and hued collection that is influenced by the functional, performance-orientated attire of the traditional country pursuits of hunting, shooting and fishing and the louche, narcotized mindset of the age.

Deep-rooted base colours of chocolate, tobacco, olive, aubergine, and navy set off darting, almost hallucinatory accents of chrome orange, hunting pink, caramel and mauve.

Wider lapels and fuller trousers define tailoring, which features plush, teasingly tactile cotton corduroy, moleskin, double-faced wool and wool flannel.

Shirts showcase warming, naturally stretching cotton jersey and are enlivened by pronounced stripes and gingham checks. Iridescent jacquard interjects an authentic dash of parvenu impertinence.

Big, bold dogtooth and Prince of Wales checks and add in-your-face punch and defining pattern throughout.

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