25 Pieces - 02 The Shadow Stripe Tie

Richard James

 The second of the twenty-five pieces that have set Richard James apart. Taken from the new, in-store and online now, Richard James book.

Being the son of the late Princess Margaret, sister of HM The Queen, and the perceptive photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones (the erstwhile Earl of Snowdon), furniture maker David Linley appreciates both tradition and contemporary composition. When he first arrived at Richard James to have a suit made in the ‘90s he did so on a beautiful, black BMW R80 motorcycle, astride which he was promptly measured. “Richard was the first of the imaginative tailors,” he said of the experience. “I went to all the other ones and they’d say ‘Stand at attention!'"

In 1995, in what was one of its earliest collaborations, Richard James covered two David Linley chairs with the lushly coloured, Bridget Riley-inspired woven silk it used to make its celebrated shadow stripe ties (centre of the image). The chairs were displayed in the window of the shop on Savile Row, another coming together of tradition and contemporary composition.

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