Lizia's Diary - Jetted Pockets With Flaps

Richard James

Another catch-up with our apprentice coatmaker Lizia, who we find busy at work on a pair of pockets. 

"Jetted pockets with flaps are common in both casual and business attire," she says, tellingly. "The purpose of a flap is, like a button, to simply secure the contents of the pocket. The pocket flap is a common feature of more casual tailoring, whilst a double jetted pocket is standard in evening wear. Just tuck the flap inside for a sleeker, more formal look. 

"Black cotton silesia (below) is the durable cloth we use for the pocket-back, which in laymans' terms is the pouch you can keep your phone or wallet in. A strip of the lining of the jacket is placed at the opening of the pocket for that extra touch of elegance when you slip your fingers in. 

"Here (below) we see the pocket-back being attached to the reverse side of the jet.

If you look closely you can see that it has been trimmed at the edges to create an element of layering. This is so it won't present bulky, solid edges through the front of the jacket when it's worn." 

More from Lizia and a look at a rather special velvet evening jacket she has been working on very soon.

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