Our new Spring/Summer '22 collection is arriving in-store and online now... And here (below) is the theme, the traditionally overwritten words that explain the inspiration and influences behind it, and the general feel and look of it.

Entranced by the silvery timbre of a single, siren trumpet, our SS22 collection smooths its soft-shouldered seersucker suit and slinks back to the Newport Jazz Festival of 1955, and a seminal moment in the history of Americana style and soaraway sounds in the company of all-round aesthete extraordinaire Charlie Bourgeois.

Promoter Bourgeois - a rare, keen-eyed connoisseur of music, fine food and fashion - was the man behind the breathtaking relaunch of Miles Davis at the Newport Jazz Festival as the debonairly dressed arbiter of cool that he is celebrated as to this day.

Courtesy of Bourgeois and a trip with him to the famous Massachusetts Ivy League outfitters the Andover Shop, Davis upped his style game and went onstage at Newport resplendent in the then go-to establishment get-up of a seersucker suit, club-collar shirt and bow tie.

This is a relaxed, summer-ready collection that takes its inspiration from a classic, open road-cruising mid-20th century USA scene and salutes the arrival of a slick, exciting new age of all-encompassing cosmopolitanism.

Solid base colours of olive, navy and ivory give way to deep mid-tones of tobacco, salmon and mushroom, and fleeting accents of pastel pink, yellow and blue.

Tailoring is light and luxurious, with featherweight wool gabardine, wool and cashmere blends, plush pastel needlecords and classically striped and softly textured wool and cotton seersucker featuring prominently.

Another, altogether rare linen seersucker features in shirts, alongside bold linen and cotton stripes.

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