Stand Up

Richard James

A couple of quickly taken pictures of the waistcoat we have made for Simon Crompton of Permanent Style.
As previously mentioned here, Simon wanted three separate pieces from Richard James Bespoke. One of those was the waistcoat here, which he wanted to wear with jeans, rather like a sleeveless jacket, with a functioning collar and lapel.
The challenge for our Head Cutter Ben was to apply the principles used to make a coat (or jacket…) to a waistcoat. Most collars on standard waistcoats are simply separate, non-functioning pieces of decorative cloth which are attached to the main body of the garment. In this case, however, Ben incorporated the collar into the waistcoat itself, so it could be worn turned up (see below) to keep the chill off Simon’s neck.
Overall, the waistcoat has a slightly more utilitarian feel to it than more standard variants, with shorter points at the front and a slightly longer back.
The cloth is a reasonably heavy Harris tweed: wonderful winter insulation.

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