The Strong Blue Suit

The now much-mimicked blue suit is the piece that sums it all up. The original and enduring ethos of Richard James is 'to produce classic clothing of exceptional quality and push the boundaries through colour, cut and design'. The colour is known in-house as 'strong blue' and the slim, waisted cut is the Hyde, which was quickly dubbed the 'Modern Classic' by the style press when it first appeared in 1992. It is made from a crisp, Italian-milled 84% wool/16% mohair blend, that all-important touch of mohair adding a fleeting, subtly iridescent lustre. The design edge comes through in the trademark slanted pocket flaps and high, silhouette-enhancing vents. Famously worn with confidence by, amongst others, Sir Stuart Rose and David Furnish (preceding picture). 

Richard James strong blue suit



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