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Article: Wool Week

Wool Week
Autumn Winter

Wool Week

Where would we be without wool? What would happen to our new collection, for example, were sheep to somehow go the same was as the stegosaurus?

Our cotton corduroy and velvet suits and jackets would survive, of course. So too our cotton shirts and recycled cashmere hoodies and joggers. And, thankfully, our Alpaca teddy bear coat. But no wool would leave a big gap: no chore jackets, not so many suits, not so many warming winter coats, absolutely no hand-knitted scarves and beanies. 

The idea of Wool Week (which, running as it does until the end of this month, is actually now Wool Month), is to make it clear just how central wool is to what we do on Savile Row and to the world of clothing and furnishings and, indeed, everyday life in general. That and to promote - what with it being wholly natural, renewable and biodegradable - its unassailable  environmental credentials.

Richard James Savile Row window display wool week

Previous years have seen us fill the Savile Row store with blow up sheep (pictured above) in honour of Wool Week, but this year we have a slightly more low-key window display in the Bespoke store (main picture). 

As The Campaign For Wool’s patron, His Majesty King Charles III, puts it: “Wool’s sustainable and biodegradable properties provide a unique natural option for us all to reassess our environmental values and purchases. We need to put nature at the heart of how we operate and to evolve our economic model, putting people and planet at the heart of global value creation. The only limit is our willingness to act, and the time to act is now, and we can all make a difference.”  

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Richard James corduroy suit

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