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Article: The New Collection

Richard James corduroy suit

The New Collection

Autumn is upon us. Winter is following fast in the wind. And so our Autumn/Winter 2022/23 The Deer Hunter collection is arriving (there are still plenty of pieces to come) in-store and online.

Below, by way of an immediate introduction, is the collection's theme, the traditionally effusively written words that explain the thinking behind it and what  (colours, cloth, overall feel etc) went into bringing it to life. 

Our AW22 The Deer Hunter collection corrects its cable-knit beanie and sets its sights on the mountainous American outdoors and small town ‘70s Pennsylvania in the company of the steadfastly compassionate collective of proud Slavic émigré steelworkers that starred in Michael Cimino’s seminal 1978 film of the same name.

 These are the characters that a moved Andy Warhol - himself a son of Slovakian émigrés - referred to as “my people”, and commemorated with his screenprint Coming Home/Deer Hunter in the very same year the movie was released.

 This is a munificently manly collection that takes us - via the wondrous joy of an exquisitely attired wedding and the ennobling, requisitely ruggedly dressed sacrifice of the deer hunt - from steel mill to saloon bar and the wanton waste of war.

 Outerwear sees cooler weather functionality finely balanced by sumptuous touch and texture in the form of Primaloft-lined PFC-free hooded hunting jackets and wool jungle jackets, brushed cotton overshirts and shearling gilets and reefers. Waffle knit mohair, wool and cashmere and big woollen rope knits add immeasurable softness and warmth.

 Tailoring follows in the same vein, with wool and cashmere injecting opulence, while the availability of every piece as a mix-and-match separate ensures perfect practicality.

 Period peacockery comes into play with the plushest velvet evening wear and ruffle-front dress shirts.

 Serene base colours of ivory, navy and aubergine are lifted by breakaway accents of magenta, flame orange, camel and tobacco. A sharply realised geometric period print adds pinpoint punch on pockets squares, scarves and the back yolk of a half-zip cotton jersey top.


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