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Richard James | Spring Summer 2015 | Lookbook

Spring Summer 2015

Spring Summer 2015

"Listen close my friends for the divine desert to call you… By all means, come and see, But, with eyes wide open tread slowly Following the tracks of wise old desert rats… Just like me."


Our Spring/Summer ’15 collection contemplates the irresistible, all-engulfing infinity of the Sahara desert in the company of a legendary troop of men that effortlessly embodied those fine, defining British qualities of derring-do and dogged determination in the face of the most trying circumstances.

Formed in the fluctuating, fast-shifting year of 1938 with the world an uncertain place, the Desert Rats were sent forth to learn the lore of an alluring alien environment and its mystic, meandering tribespeople.

Traversing the Colour-flecked, coruscating luminescence of the desert by day and the silent, star-lit eternity of it by night, theirs was a study in respect and solicitous assimilation.

This is a collection that combines sharp, deftly detailed military precision in tailoring with innovation and asywearing durability and adaptability in casual wear.

Strong, anchoring base colours of khaki, sand, olive, beige and teal draw from the deep, delicious desolation of the desert and the still serenity of its life-giving oases. And bright, piercing accents of pink, orange and cobalt reflect the jewel-like sharpness of its sparse flora, fleeting tribal robes, the rugged enormity of the dissecting Atlas mountains and the brilliant blue of the bordering Mediterranean.

Fabrics and suitings include delightfully light wool and cotton mixes and Cool Wools, crisp, clean-lined linen and cotton mixes and cotton canvases, stunningly soft linen, wool and silk blends and beautifully breathable mesh weaves.

Join us as we discover the deep essence of the desert alongside a dashing, quietly dignified band of Brits that, more than most, knew exactly how to stay cool in the heat of the moment.